Volcano Japanese Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:39 PM

For Wednesday's paper, I had to write about the new restaurant opening, Volcano Japanese Restaurant. It is located beside Pizza Hut and Radioshack in the Rite Aid/Boston Beanery plaza. The location used to be a former U.S. Cellular store. I wrote a story about it for The Daily Athenaeum, so most of the info is included in that article. So for now, I'll focus on the taste.

I had the chance to try two types of specialty rolls: The West Virginia roll and the Candy Cane Roll.The West Virginia roll consists of shrimp rempura, masago, avocado, and cream cheese wrapped in crab meat. This roll was my  favorite of the two. It had a nice combination of crunchy and soft that really allowed me to gain the full flavor and texture of the roll. It was all very fresh, and it didn't have that "hour-old" feel, when sushi gets slightly sticky and gross.

The second roll I tried, the candy cane, was also excellent. The candy cane consisted of white tuna, white fish, crab meat, and shrimp. Typically, I'm a "California Roll" type of girl because the texture and flavor of raw fish generally didn't appeal to me. This made me a believer. It doesn't have the "ew" factor of raw fish - instead, it just taste very fresh and flavorful. Now, I'm just wondering about all the other sushi I've tried.

The prices are fairly reasonable, with the specialty rolls hovering around $10, and there are a ton of options. When I go back, I'm definitely getting the same rolls - the texture, the freshness of the fish and the unique, secret combination of the sauces has me hooked. These photos are compliments of Mallory Bracken, a photographer of the DA.

Grade: A
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  1. I know where that's at. You can take me one day. I could probably find something I like...

  2. volcano is by far the best sushi morgantown's had since ogawa changed owners a few years back. i'm a loyal customer and enjoy so many of the rolls (especially the christmas tree and the chef special) and the service is phenominal!

  3. I love Volcano, and I go there quite often. I haven't tried the Christmas Tree, but I think I'll have to now! I hope you try the WV roll and the Candy Cane roll at some point!


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