Loose Girl

By Candace Nelson - 10:55 AM

A few days before school started, I read "Loose Girl - A memoir of promiscuity" by Kerry Cohen. I basically read it in two days, as it's only 215 pages and a very easy read. I picked this up because the title is raw and gets to the point. I thought that it would make for an interesting book.

It's now been about a month since I've read it, and I wanted to let the ideas and main focus of the book marinate for awhile. The main idea of the story is about the author, Kerry, who sleeps with men in order to validate herself. I feel like we all know that girl, and this gives a sneak peak into the thoughts and feelings of her.

At some points, I can truly identify with Kerry. There are points when she's hurt, she's alone, she's going through a breakup, and she's lost. But there are other points, when she is simply so distant, it doesn't seem like a person could truly act like this, and is almost unbelievable to me.

She finds some guys who are, honestly, too good for her. In the description, she said she "gradually found her way toward real intimacy." I don't believe that. The ending of the book is lackluster, maybe because I like happy-go-lucky endings where everyone falls in love and lives happily ever after. But for this girl, I really wanted to see that. She's too messed up to not have that. From what I know, the author is currently married and has two children, but I wouldn't have guessed that from the ending of her book.

"Loose Girl" seems to play the same scenario over and over again -- lonely girl has sex, leaves/loses the guy, moves on to the next one. It becomes cyclical and predictable, and we don't really learn a lesson or get gratification from the book. In fact, it simply made me feel down because of how miserable she was sometimes.

Luckily, it as an easy read because the story, though it could easily be sexy, wasn't. It is more of a young reader, so there's not many graphic scenes. But there should be. The book is about sex, and to really get the narrator's perspective, we need to be put in her position. And, I wasn't.

However, the book was mildly entertaining, and it goes give a glimpse into that kind of girl (if you're not her, of course). It does show why she felt the need to justify herself at times, and it does show Kerry's struggles, but I think there's room for improvement, and there's room for more detail.

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