The @Candace07 burger

By Candace Nelson - 10:18 PM

I follow Tailpipes on Twitter. Why not? Tailpipes has been really interactive with their audience, and recently, they were soliciting suggestions for a special burger.

": Got a burger idea you'd like to see as a special? Let us know, if we like it we might just name it after you! "

"@Candace07: burger with bleu cheese, cranberry, fresh spinach!"
" We all loved this one and it sounds delicious! Give us a name for it and we will put it on special for next week.. "

So, of course, I name it the "@Canda- ce07" in honor of my Twitter handle. And that is how I got a burger named after me. The special was Tuesday, so I knew I had to stop by. I walked in and told the woman at the counter that I wanted my special, the @Candace07. She said "congrats!" and that it looks good. I placed my order for my medium burger, along with a side of sweet potato fries, and took my seat. Soon enough, my burger came out. I was anxious because I already felt some sort attachment to this sandwich. I was just hoping it'd live up to my expectations. Did it? Absolutely.

This 1/3 lb. angus burger topped with fresh spinach, bleu cheese crumbles and a cranberry glaze, for $6.49, was fantastic. The burger was bursting was flavor; the cranberry/teriyaki glaze added a slight hint of sweetness, but the green, leafy spinach and the tangy, sharp bleu cheese crumbles toned it down. This burger was in perfect balance. This combo of spinach/bleu cheese/cranberry is classic and tasty. Even tastier on a burger. My opinion? They should make this burger a permanent component of the menu. I'd definitely order it again.

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  1. just had dinner their this evening!! the candace07 was not offered...but it wounds great!

  2. I loved it! What did you get? I really am a fan of most of their burgers!


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