Princeton Edition: Grillbilly's

By Candace Nelson - 8:14 AM

I've been wanting to go to Grillbilly's for a long time, but Chris all but refused. He didn't think it would be any good. And from looking at it, you'd be concerned. Grillbilly's is, essentially, a small blue trailer that you can go to the drive-thru window or there are a few picnic tables outside. There's another window you can just walk up to and order. It was surprisingly nice for a day in November, so I wanted to test out Grillbilly's before we wouldn't be able to sit outside any longer.

We pulled into the small gravel parking area and walked up to the window to order. There were a few signs in the window that listed their specials, but the man opened the window and handed us their menu. We took it over to a picnic table and perused our options. They have lots of burgers - cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, double bacon cheeseburgers - you get the idea. They also have a few other sandwiches, like chicken, pulled pork, BLT, grilled cheese, grilled pb&j, and some hot dogs. They have three cheesesteak sandwiches, and sides like fries, onion rings, cheese sticks, fried mac & cheese, fried pickles and mushrooms.

I had heard their cheeseburgers were the best, so I knew I wanted that. He said they had any toppings, so I got ketchup, mustard, mayo and onions. I also decided to pair it with an order of the fried mac & cheese. Chris ordered a hot dog and the "5 Alarm Chili Cheese Fries." He asked how hot they were, and the man at the window said he could make it as hot as he wanted. Chris asked for just the basic ones, and we took a seat back on the picnic table. These guys are really willing to customize your meal any way you want it.

A short wait later, the gentleman called to us and handed us a big brown bag and a Styrofoam container. We took it over to the table to eat. I took out my burger first. I bit into it and was surprised at the bun, first of all. It wasn't a generic bland bun - it was actually tasty and fresh. The burger was very good, with all my specified condiments blending together to create a burger paradise. It reminded me of my dad's cooking on the grill. The mac & cheese bites were delicious, too. Want fried foods, reminiscent of carnival food? Here ya go! Better than Sheetz, as these were creamy and cheesy and had a nice crispity bite to them. This place had already won me over.

Then I tried Chris' "5 Alarm Chili Cheese Fries." I was hesitant because I'm not a fan of spicy food, but these weren't spicy like I was thinking. 5 alarm? Definitely not. But delicious? Absolutely. It was a heaping pile of waffle fries coated with melted cheese and a sweet chili, with some fried jalapeno peppers on top. It was fantastic. A slight warmth to my mouth after trying it, but so delicious even a non-spicy person like me could enjoy.

This little place really is a decent find. The food is tasty. It's not some high-class, creative mastermind. It's a good ol' drive-in with some tasty burgers and fries. Give it a try.

Grade: A
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  1. I like how "Grillbilly's" is spelled out on the building using a very obvious Indian Jones font. lol They probably have no idea.


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