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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I've been to Brew Pub a few times, but I don't think I ever gave this place a real chance. I decided it was time to give a full-scale evaluation, so I took a Brew Pub connoisseur with me to get the true experience. Located down on University Ave., the Brew Pub is seemingly void of parking. However, there are some spots around back that I was unaware of. Shay pulled into a spot, and we entered the back of the building - up some stairs, past the patio and in the door. We walked through the back bar area and up to the front entrance so we could be seated.

The waiter took us back to a table on a raised platform and handed us menus. I was actually surprised by the extensive list of items offered. They actually have two menus - a main menu with appetizers, sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps, wings, burgers, fish and chicken. The other menu is full of entrees, like steak, crab cakes, jambalaya, salmon, ribs, pastas, and desserts. The menu even has a good bit of vegetarian options - like a veggie melt or grilled tofu pesto. After looking through the menu, I chose the Greek chicken sandwich,  which was a grilled chicken breast, sauteed artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, onion and spinach, topped with feta cheese and garlic basil mayo on Focaccia bread. I also got a side of slaw.

While I waited on that, I got their beer sampler. I'm not going to pretend like I'm well-versed in the delight that is craft brew, but I'm sure trying. Their main ones were "Alpha Blonde," "Eighty Shilling," "Kettle Bottom," "Old Morgantown Amber Ale" and "Zack Morgan's Pale Ale." I also had two extras that I don't recall. The beers kind of work up in terms of their intensity. I have a pretty solid strategy - the darker beers are probably the ones I like least. I was correct. However, there was one surprise. I liked the Kettle Bottom brown Ale. It is a darker beer, but the flavor was a pleasant mix between the hop-heavy stouts and the lighter beers. The other beer I was fond of was the Alpha Blonde Blonde Ale. It was so smooth and flavorful, and definitely my favorite. It's probably the least intimidating beer for novices like me. The sampler is a really great way to try the beers before diving into one. Highly recommended.

My sandwich came out, large and delicious. Cut diagonally, the sandwich had a toothpick in each center to hold it together. The flavors are on point. The first thing I noticed was how moist the chicken was, and the garlic mayo added a nice base, and the punch of feta cheese mixed well with the salty artichoke hearts, peppers and spinach. A lot of Greek sandwiches have the ability to be dry because they lack a good sauce to bring all the flavors together. This sandwich was delicious and satisfying. The slaw on the side added a great light, sweet, creamy crunch to the meal.

The service was also beyond excellent - we decided that we wanted to chat a little longer. The waiter was more than happy to let us move outside to the patio, and he even took our drink orders and brought them to us there. By the way, the vodka cranberry was also fantastic. The meal ran me about $20, and the extra drink was only about $4, so a great dining experience, with fabulous service, and good drinks to boot - a great time.

Grade: A
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