Appalachian Global Dinner Series

By Candace Nelson - 9:30 AM

While still searching for a new location for a restaurant, Chef Ohlinger has scheduled his Appalachian Global Dinner Series in a collection of area restaurants where he will be serving as a guest chef for the upcoming year.

Three Cities has a nice little piece on him, as well as a tentative schedule for the upcoming year. I don't know about you, but I want to attend all of these. But there are about six that I MUST go to. They are reservation only, and if you want to keep up with what he's doing, like his page on Facebook. He'll have more details on when/where these dinners will be later on.

Ohlinger was the owner/chef at Richwood Grill (formerly Solera), and he's probably made the biggest impact on me of all my time learning about the West Virginia food culture. He schooled me really quickly on why he didn't serve ketchup or pop. And also that meat should not be crazy tender because that means they lived in a box their whole lives, as he would say, instead of out roaming around like happy cows. I think the most important thing I learned from him is that not everything has to, on the surface, just taste great. He wants to give you an experience and make you try things you haven't and push you out of your comfort zone and open you up to new flavors. Anyway, crazy amazing chef. And here's an opportunity to have some of his food while he continues the hunt for a new restaurant.

January / 10th Anniversary Rum and Chocolate Dinner–Single-Origin Heirloom Chocolate Dishes Paired with Small-Batch Rums

February / The Maritimes–Cuisine of Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia

March / The Cuisine of Yemen–Portuguese and Indostani Influences in the Coastal Middle East

March / West Virginia Craft Beer and Global Artisan Cheese–Pairing Local Craft Beers with Rare Handmade Cheeses of the World

April / Appalachian Ramp Lollapalooza–Ramps Thirty Ways: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s ‘Church Social Ramp Dinner Pot Luck Fundraiser’

May / Scottish Keiseki–Japanese-Scots Fusion Featuring a Scottish and Japanese Whisky Pairing

June / Pre-Colonial Appalachia–The Native Cuisine of the Seneca, Shawnee, and Cherokee

June / Edible Music–Twelve Iconic Food Songs Re-imagined as Small Plates Paired with Libations from Twelve Classic Drinking Songs

July / Bolivia: Where the Pampas Meets the Andes–Traditional Bolivian Cuisine Featuring a Pit-Roasted Alpaca and a Spit-Roasted Rhea

July / Highway 61 Revisited–Mississippi River Soul Food: Cool Beer and Haute Tamales

August / Before Myanmar–Historic Cuisine of British Burma

August / One Mile Meal–Pop-Kitchen on a Local Farm: Preparing an Entire Meal Using Only Ingredients From Within One Square Mile

September / Flogging a Dead Horse–The 7th and Absolutely Last Ever Appalachian Deconstruction and Molecular Gastronomy Dinner

October / Wild Appalachia–Modern and Traditional Cuisine Prepared Using Only Wild Fish & Game and Foraged Ingredients

October / 10th Annual Day of the Dead Celebration–Traditional Oaxacan Cuisine Paired with Single-Village Mescals

November / Georgia Meets Georgia–The Cuisine of Asiatic Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains Crossed with the Southern Appalachian Mountain Cuisine of American Georgia

November / Bourbon and Beef–The Terroir of Appalachian Beef: Grass-Fed Beef from Diverse Regions of West Virginia Paired with Single-Barrel Bourbons

December / Sugar and Spice–Following the Global Foodpath of Sugarcane and The Spice Islands Through History

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