Sherrard Edition: DiCarlo's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 9:30 AM

Sherrard DiCarlos CollageTo round out the DiCarlo's tour, I dragged Lisa to the Wheeling area for two DiCarlo's locations I had never been to: Sherrard and Glen Dale.

The Sherrard DiCarlo's is located on Fairmont Pike. I had a little trouble finding it at first, but once we just drove a little further back the road, it was right there. We walked in and ordered our slices -- they actually call them "cuts" here. "1 cut pizza," which confused me, is how they describe their "slices." Anyway, I ordered two and then went to the right side seating area to wait.

There is a good little bit of seating here. In the ordering space, there were a few chairs. The room off to the right has a few tables, but it also is a little shabby looking. It looks like maybe they began to paint but didn't finish. The outlets don't have covers, the walls are different colors, and it could probably overall use a nice shining.

But to be honest, this didn't bother me at all. I was focused on my pieces of pizza. After a little while of waiting, our orders were ready. We took our boxes to the car and dug in.

Sherrard DiCarlosThis pizza, as you can see, has tiny little bits of cheese - not shreds - and the sauce tasted just like I remembered. The very bottom of the crust was a thin crisp and it was poofier above. I really, really liked it. It's similar to what I am used to, and better than most of the pizza I can get locally.

Grade: A
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