Cranberry Township, PA Edition: BRGR

By Candace Nelson - 2:39 PM

BRGR CollageBRGR is a restaurant in the Pittsburgh area, which features creative burgers and spiked shakes. Afton and I checked out the Cranberry Township location because it was along the way. And yep, pronounced, BEE ARR

It's located in a strip mall, so parking was no problem. When we went inside, I was surprised to see most of the place bare, save for the bar area. Granted, the bar area is large and probably a good place to watch the game. Service was off. We weren't immediately greeted when we came in, and once we were seated, we had to wait some time before someone actually waited on us.

BRGRThe menu has some interesting beef burgers - like a pad thai one and another featuring guacamole, jalapeños, Sriracha and chipotle aioli. Plus some others that include a black bean patty, a salmon patty, mahi mahi, bison and turkey.

I ordered "The BRGR" - which is 8 oz. of dry aged prime beef, pickled red onions, arugula, creamy bleu cheese and oven-roasted tomatoes. I also ordered a shake: Salty Caramel - bourbon + caramel sauce + sea salt + vanilla bean. Yaaasss.

BRGRMy burger was really pretty good. I don't remember much of the bleu cheese, but the flavors overall were delicious.

BRGRAfton had ordered some fries, and we split some of those. They were average. It's kind of a bummer that if you want to add fries to your burger, it's like an extra $4. Little steep. Not sure they were worth it, but they weren't bad.

And my shake was delicious. I could definitely taste a good bit of the bourbon. It came out in the metal can, while Afton's was served in a glass. Not sure why. I think mine ended up having more, though. But very tasty.

Overall thoughts: This place wasn't bad. I think maybe I like the Burgatory more. I think if the service here had been right, the "feel" and overall experience would've been better. But my burger was tasty, and my milkshake was sweet and boozey (my favorite). I think being able to add fries to the side, instead of buying them as like a $4 appetizer seems like a reasonable request. In sum, pretty good.

Grade: B
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