Fayetteville Edition: Polecat Woodfire Tacos

By Candace Nelson - 3:16 PM


A wood-fired taco cart named "Polecat" has entered the Fayetteville food scene. Most recently, I was able to stop by Bridge Brew Works to check them out.


Their menu is fairly small: chicken, shrimp, cauliflower or sweet potato tacos. Plus spanish fried rice and elote. 


I went for a shrimp taco, which has fire-grilled shrimp, queso fresco, Alabama slaw, avocado crema and tajin, which is a spice blend of lime, salt and chili peppers. Plus spanish rice and elote. 


Let's start with the taco: It was bangin'. It was full of fresh, bold flavors, beautiful texture and some nice wood smoke. The spanish rice was a bit dry and not too notable, but the elote - good lord. A whole piece of delicious corn on the cob, covered in queso fresco, slathered in a mayo cream sauce and lots of cilantro. I'm glad no one saw me destroying this, because it was not a pretty sight - but it as delicious.

Grade: A

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