Harpers Ferry Edition: The Country Cafe Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Country Cafe

Every time I go to the Eastern Panhandle, there's a plethora of new restaurants for me to try. Well, new to me, at least.

Country Cafe

That's the case with The Country Cafe Restaurant. It's been around for years, but I only recently discovered it on my last trip to Harpers Ferry. 

Country Cafe

The space is homey with wooden floors, country decor and personal touches. 

Country Cafe

The menu features breakfast items like eggs, bacon, potatoes, and one you don't always see: fresh donuts. They make these in vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon sugar. I ordered a half dozen of the peanut butter ones to sample and take along with me for the rest of the day's travels.

Country Cafe

Look how absolutely adorable these mini donuts are! You can tell they're homemade because they're not totally uniform, but made with love. They were tasty - if not just a touch oily - but sugary sweet to hit that craving.

Grade: B

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