Huntington Edition: Pizza 314

By Candace Nelson - 7:39 PM

Pizza 314

Can a college town ever have enough pizza places? I'm not sure they can. Huntington added one more to its list with the addition of Pizza 314 on Camden Road. One major plus in the time of COVID-19 is having a pick-up window. So not only could I just swing through to pick up a pizza on my way back to Charleston - but I could do so with the least amount of human contact (tbh this would be my preference always).

Pizza 314

I called in an order for a personal pizza with mushrooms and cheesesticks. The pizza was pretty standard. The sauce was a little on the sweeter side, and they got a nice golden brown on the crust. The same can't be said for the cheesesticks though - they could definitely use some more color to get that toasty flavor. 

Pizza 314

Overall, not bad but nothing to write home about. But maybe another visit is in order.

Grade: C

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