Bolivar Edition: Hamilton's Tavern 1840

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Hamilton’s Tavern

What is time? The last year has been a bit of a blur with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I'm playing catch up. But I didn't want to keep this delicious secret from you for any longer: Hamilton's Tavern 1840.

Hamilton’s Tavern

This Bolivar restaurant all the way over in the tip of the Eastern Panhandle is one of my favorite discoveries of the past year.

Hamilton’s Tavern

My actual visit was quick - I was just inside for a few moments to pick up a to-go order, but it is absolutely lovely. The decor is beautiful, with a combination of traditional features with modern touches - all in a robin's egg blue. It looks elegant yet rustic.

Hamilton’s Tavern

The menu features gems like deviled eggs, mushroom mille-feuille, pork wellington and seafood newburg. In my neverending quest to devour all things mac & cheese, I went with the seafood mac & cheese on this day - shrimp, langoustine lobster, old bay, and sharp cheddar cheese - fitting for an area bordering Maryland.

Creamy, indulgent and some nice baked crispies for texture - even green onion to give it a nice little kick to cut through the fattiness. Delish.

Hamilton’s Tavern

I believe the restaurant is moving to a new location, so it may be a perfect excuse to visit again, dine in and try yet another outstanding dish.

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