Mineral Wells Edition: Napoli's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Napolis -  Mineral Wells

Napoli's Pizza
has a few locations in the Mid-Ohio Valley area, and I was ready to check out something other than pizza.  

Napolis -  Mineral Wells

This time, I was after a meatball sub. I placed an order at the Mineral Wells location to be ready at a specific time, but there seemed to be some confusion, and I ended up waiting about an additional 20 minutes.

Napolis -  Mineral Wells

That's no problem - as long as it's worth it. Was the meatball sub worth it? Eh, it was not my favorite. The meatballs seem like the frozen kind that have that certain "pre-packaged" flavor that's hard to shake. The bread was a little extra done - but thankfully there was a good amount of stringy mozzarella. Standard, utilitarian sub that can fill the belly but maybe not totally satisfy the tastebuds.

Grade: C

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