Bolivar Edition: H.B. Snallygaster General Store & Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

HB Snallygaster general store

With a name like H.B. Snallygaster, this Bolivar store seems like it might be right out of a Harry Potter novel. However, it's just full of yummy food, delish snacks and lots of great local products.

HB Snallygaster

Bolivar Bread is one of those local companies that has lots of great goodies at this store. I bought some granola as a gift and also found Joan & Joe Coffee, which is based in Harpers Ferry and roasts their own coffee beans. I can't wait to go back and check out their own coffee shop.

HB Snallygaster

And I also got this perfect assembly of herb blends to make dips from The Cottage of Herbs. Yum!

HB Snallygaster general store

But right here at H.B. Snallygaster, they have a small deli with sandwich, flatbread and soup offerings. 

HB Snallygaster general store

I went with a simple ham and cheese sandwich, which was so packed full of ham that it was difficult to close it! They don't skimp, that's for sure. This version didn't have melty cheddar, but was instead a cool sub with mayo and white cheese.

HB Snallygaster general store

Such a fun little store with a beautifully old soul - and some tasty food.

Grade: A

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