Huntington Edition: 9th St. Diner

By Candace Nelson - 7:15 PM

12th Street Diner

New Huntington restaurant 9th St. Diner has an old-town feel. The diner is fairly small with some counter seating, booth seating and random memorabilia on the walls. 

12th Street Diner

They serve up breakfast and lunch - and recently added dinner. The menu focuses on fries, breakfast, salads, burgers and soup. The dinner options are TBD. 

12th Street Diner

Breakfast food is not my favorite - sometimes I'm in the mood for it. But usually, I'd rather have dinner for breakfast than breakfast for dinner. So the hamburger jumped out to me - which can be topped with cheese, bacon or eggs.

12th Street Diner

I went with a burger topped with cheese, and wanted onion, ketchup and mayo but added those at home. I think those are my ideal, go-to toppings on any burger. I like a tomato, but they're so often watery and mealy. And lettuce is just too unwieldy. Ketchup adds some sweetness Mayo adds some creaminess. Onion adds some crunch. It's the perfect trifecta. And cheese is always necessary.

12th Street Diner

So let's talk about this burger. It is thin and cooked on the flat top so it gets nice and ever so slightly crunchy on the outside, which I love. And with that perfectly melted cheese, it makes for the perfect proportions. The bread is homemade and fluffy and really tasty ... but I don't know that it's the best burger bun. It's soft and not super hearty to stand up to a greasy burger. I really enjoyed them both - maybe not together. 

12th Street Diner

I also went with a side of potato salad, which was okay. Overall, it was a decent meal, and I'm excited to see what they'll offer for dinner.

Grade: B

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