Thomas Edition: Ghost Palace Books

By Candace Nelson - 8:23 PM

Ghost Palace

I can't think of anything than better than a book store-coffee roaster-patisserie-printing press.

Ghost Palace

Thomas-based Ghost Palace Books is all of that - and maybe more. They have a small, but impressive, pastry and drink menu.

Ghost Palace

"we offer a rotating selection of hand-crafted, carefully made-by-us pastries, as well as house-roasted coffee and tea.when we say made from scratch, we mean it. all of our pastry dough and croissants are laminated by us, right here in our kitchen. sit upstairs with a book and enjoy a tea and a treat, or take some baked goods home for breakfast or dessert later. our kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients from Charm Farm and Backbone Food Farm. we use organic flours from Frankferd Farms in Pennsylvania."

Ghost Palace

I purchased a bag of roasted coffee beans (love local roasters!) and a maple pecan scone (don't mind my mangling - it was secured in my pocket until ready to munch).

Ghost Palace

Both were lovely in the end, and I loved this sweet space. The coffee was robust, the pastry was simple and tasty. And I could spend a whole day here.

Grade: A

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