Wheeling Edition: LJ's Hoagie King

By Candace Nelson - 5:33 PM

LJ Hoagie King

LJ's Hoagie King
in Wheeling serves up - surprise - hoagies.

LJ Hoagie King

Heroes, grinders, subs, hoagies - whatever you may call these sandwiches- LJ's has them. For me personally, I tend to think of "hoagies" as the cold sandwiches you pick up to go in a convenience store. And subs are the ones you get from restaurants. But that's just my brain.

LJ Hoagie King

Either way, LJ's is an old-school restaurant with a U-shaped counter full of regulars who looked toward the door when I walked in. I looked over the menu and ordered an Italian hoagie, which is layered with capicola, ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, dressing, and provolone cheese. This was nicely stacked and had a great proportion of ingredients. The bread was just slightly a bit crunchy, which likely helps with the moisture of the sandwich. But I wouldn't have hated it to be a bit softer. Still a tasty, simple sandwich.

Grade: B

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