Bellaire, OH Edition: Gulla's Lunch

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Gullahs Lunch

Gulla's Lunch
in Bellaire, Ohio, is known for its hot dogs.

Gullahs Lunch

The "Gulla Dog" is made with their specialty chili sauce, onions and mustard. 

Gullahs Lunch

They kind of have taken on a life of their own. It's known along the likes of DiCarlo's pizza and Drover's wings (though since those two are from my hometown, I'm a bit more biased toward them). 

Gullahs Lunch

While traveling through the area, I put in an order for a Gulla dog, an eggroll and fries with gravy. The hot dog is interesting in that the chili sauce is a little sweet, a little tang, but no meat. It was all very soft in texture, but I enjoyed the flavor. 

Gullahs Lunch

I thought it was interesting to see egg rolls available - and they were decent. Nothing too crazy there. Deep-fried so it has a nice crunch, but lots of filled inside.

Gullahs Lunch

The fries have "comfort food" written all over them. It can certainly get heavy and soggy, but if you get a few nice, crisp bites, they are dang good. 

Grade: B

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