White Sulphur Springs: Road Hog's Barbeque

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Road Hogs BBQ

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: White Sulphur Springs is a really cute town.

Road Hogs BBQ

It's usually overshadowed by The Greenbrier's presence, but there is really a lovely downtown with a wine shop, brewery, bakery and nice shopping. 

Road Hogs BBQ

I'm sad the small Jamaican restaurant is no more, but a new BBQ place has taken its spot. 

Road Hogs BBQ

Road Hog's Barbeque, located at 687 Main Street East, has the moniker: Nothing to hide, sauce on the side. I think that's pretty cute. Like, yes, the BBQ may be good enough to not need sauce. But I still like the option. 

Road Hogs BBQ

You'll find your standards on the menu: pulled pork, chicken, brisket, ribs and even turkey. And my favorite part of any BBQ restaurant is the sides. Here, you'll find okra, onion rings, baked beans, tater tots, mac & cheese and more.

Road Hogs BBQ

On this visit, they were doing a special taste event where they were promoting three sister businesses. So I opted for their soft pretzel bites with Big Draft Brewing beer cheese dip. The beer cheese was thick and could make anything taste better.

Potato salad was straightforward. Mac & cheese was pretty tasty - a nice, thick white cheddar sauce. The brisket had a pretty thick fatty layer that I'm not a fan of. I like mine more lean - the texture of that fat cap is not my favorite. It wasn't bad, but I wish every single strip wasn't half fat. I did try each of the sauces; I like that the apple is reminiscent of apple butter in a way. Carolina is vinegary. I went middle of the road with "Bold Hog" for a bit of tang.

Grade: B

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