J.Q. Dickinson's Appalachian Mercantile Box

By Candace Nelson - 7:18 PM


My latest J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile Box is here - let's see what we got!


Appalachian Botanical Company - lavender stem bundle - Place in your fireplace, campfire, or firepit, then sit back and enjoy the relaxing fragrance of lavender. Or soak in water for two hours and then add it to your grill to infuse fish, meat, or veggies with a smoky lavender flavor.

MallyMoon Handmade - soap dish - handmade in this adorable neutral color

J&W Farm - spice cake mix - Take yourself back to when Grandma was making her famous spice cookies or cake with traditional Lemon Sauce. Now come to a time when diet choice & certain restrictions are common. They have developed a delicious Spice Cake Mix that not only tastes great but is Gluten Free & Vegan. They use naturally flavored ingredients, Grandma’s blend of spices & dry Molasses.

Scratch Pasta - spinach fusilli - These delicious pastas are made in Lynchburg, VA by Stephanie Fees of Scratch Pasta Co. The Spinach Fusilli is a amazing bright colored pasta that will brighten any meal.

ThomasWorkcherry chopsticks - These chopsticks are made of native walnut with a cherry holder/rest. Perfect for the Asian food lover. Hand wash. 9" long

Mountain Momma Organics - nut & berry trail mix - Nutty Berry Trail Mix is a refreshing mix of nuts, berries, and seeds. This mix is our own design and handmade by us. This trail mix with no preservatives just makes you feel great when you eat it.


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