Columbus, OH Edition: Katzinger's Deli

By Candace Nelson - 7:17 PM

Katzingers deli

Katzinger's Deli
is a long-running New York-style deli in Columbus that serves up 80 different kinds of sandwiches.

Katzingers deli

"Our kitchen prepares almost everything on our menu from scratch (though not our fresh, crusty European style breads which are delivered daily from Mediterra Bakehouse in Pittsburgh). Our sandwich line makes and serves every sandwich to order – and more than one in four of them have our home cooked and sliced to order corned beef! Our salads, side dishes, soup and desserts (and even our hot dog buns!) are scratch-made from original recipes created by our food loving staff – and the food is beyond delicious!"

Katzingers deli

I ordered delivery from here: the 32 - Andy's Got Another Job: Smoked turkey, honey ham, scallion cream cheese, tomato, Honeycup mustard on rye.  And a side of potato salad. Plus a pickle.

Katzingers deli

The sandwich was large - even the half! Stacked with a few inches of meat and slathered with some honey mustard. I could do with half the amount of meat, so there is a better balance of ingredients, but it was indulgent, filling and very tasty. The potato salad was a nice side - always a bit indulgent. And the pickle just adds a nice punchy flavor to cut through the fat. 

Grade: A

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