Vienna Edition: Napoli's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 7:53 PM

Napolis - Vienna

Based in Vienna, West Virginia, this Napoli's is one of the last locations in the area that hadn't I visited.

Napolis - Vienna

The menu features pizza, burgers, pasta, and more.

Napolis - Vienna

I put in an order in advance, but it was not ready when I arrived, unfortunately. So I ended up waiting for quite a while before my meal was finished.  

Napolis - Vienna

I went with a simple spaghetti - not usually my go-to, but sometimes a super simple meal is what hits the spot. 

Napolis - Vienna

It also came with breadsticks. Overall, this was an average meal. The service was below average; the spaghetti was a lackluster pile of noodles and mildly flavorful tomato sauce. Not bad, but not notable. Average all in all. 

Grade: C

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