Pax Edition: The Corner Gas 'n Grill

By Candace Nelson - 7:26 PM

Corner Gas & Grill

When someone told me recently their favorite food in town comes from a gas station, I was not surprised.

Corner Gas & Grill

Why? Some of these small towns may not have a locally owned restaurant, but they likely have a gas station. And there's a good chance that the granny down the street brings her pepperoni rolls there to sell. Or, maybe that granny is serving up daily specials in a small restaurant space off to the side. 

Corner Gas & Grill

The Corner Gas 'n Grill in the Pax/Mount Hope area takes it to the next level, though. Not only do they have a restaurant inside, but they even do catering, buffet dinners and more. The general menu features breakfast staples like eggs, biscuits, bacon, etc. Plus salads, sandwiches and plated dinners like fish, chopped steak, shrimp and chicken strips. 

Corner Gas & Grill

I went for a simple cheeseburger and onion rings. And, it was freshly made, toasted bun, a good amount of onion, ketchup and mayo. Solid burger. The onion rings were pretty good too - I like mine in a slightly sweet coating and these did not dissapoint.

Grade: A

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