Boulder, CO Edition: Blackbelly Market & Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 11:31 PM

Blackbelly Market

"Top Chef" season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg owns a Boulder-based restaurant that focuses on seasonal, local ingredients and pasture raised, sustainable animals.

Blackbelly Market

Blackbelly offers its own selection of house-made cured meats, charcuterie and provisions, as well as daily breakfast and lunch. Blackbelly consists of the main restaurant, butcher counter, breakfast & lunch menus, catering, and events.

Blackbelly Market

I ended up arriving at a weird time between lunch and dinner so I went with an adult snack: the house meat & cheese board, which consisted of nduja, coppa, saucisson leonora (goat), belford (cow), pickles, and mustard.

Blackbelly Market

It is like a rainbow in a box. Vibrant and colorful with a range of flavors that spans the whole spectrum - salty, sour, sweet, fatty, spicy. I love picking and choosing flavors and textures at my own free will, and this menu option gave me the ability to do that with ease. My favorite? Some of that whole grain mustard slathered on a hunk of salty cheese and followed up with a grape. Bon appetit.

Blackbelly Market

Grade: A

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