Denver, CO Edition: Morning Jones

By Candace Nelson - 10:06 PM

Milk market - morning joes

Located in the Denver Milk Market, Morning Jones serves up muffins, pastries, breads and other sweet and savory treats. Between the full-size cakes and mini treats, it was a slice of heaven.

Milk market - morning joes

Featuring 16 venues run exclusively by acclaimed Chef Frank Bonanno, Denver Milk Market is one of the nation’s only dining marketplaces led by a single chef. In addition to the coffee & pastry shop, the market also has concepts around pizza, pasta, hot chicken, brunch, poke, salads, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, seafood and tacos.

Milk market - morning joes

At Morning Jones, there are a bazillion pastries and coffee options, so I took my time perusing the options behind the case.

Milk market - morning joes

No coffee for me on this visit, but I did enjoy a raspberry dessert. The giant serving had layers of cake and cream. Sweet, but balanced nicely with the tartness of the raspberry.

Milk market - morning joes

Have you been?

Milk Market - Morning Joes

Grade: B

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