Denver, CO Edition: Sweet Cow

By Candace Nelson - 9:36 PM

Sweet Cow

Sweet Cow is a small-batch ice cream shop in the Denver area; I visited the Stanley Marketplace location in Aurora to try out their locally sourced, handscooped ice cream.

Sweet Cow

"At Sweet Cow we churn small batch handcrafted ice cream that tastes simply moolicious! We focus on creating a neighborhood space where memories are made, lives are celebrated and humans connect with one another. We are Colorado proud, from the majestic flatirons of Boulder to the mirrored skyscrapers of Denver and beyond. Swing by and experience the best homemade ice cream in Colorado," reads the website.

Sweet Cow

With two dozen choices for flavors, I honed in on rich, luxurious options like butter pecan and caramel latte. I can't remember which I settled on, but I remember the velvety texture of the ice cream was dreamy. The consistency was thick, which made it feel very artisanal.

Sweet Cow

And next time, I definitely want to try the ice cream in a sandwich, as opposed to just a scoop. But that's not all - sundaes, milkshakes, root beer floats, ice cream cakes, and even pies.

Sweet Cow

Grade: A

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