Charleston Sternwheel Regatta 2024

By Candace Nelson - 8:42 PM

The Charleston Sternwheel Regatta is a five-day long festival along the Kanawha Boulevard. I went to check out some new-to-me spots. But first, the full list of food options: Bandit BBQ, Baskin Robbins, Bayou Classics, Big Marvs, C&L Concessions, CnC Concession, Carols Soul to Soul, CPAA, Dem 2 Brothers, Diehl's Pig Shack, Family Affair, Fusion Tea, Green Infusion, Hillbilly Mountain Ears, Holy O's, Hot Diggity Dog, JoJo's Tacos, Just Drinks, Kabob Lab, Karubees, Kona Ice, Lobster Trappin, Maw's Country Fixin's, Montanaro, Mr Poppins, Mohawk Cheesecake, Nellitas Cocina, Phatt Daddy's, Rockin Rolls Cinnamon Rolls, Shape Shop, Sherry's Concessions, Sunnyside, Sweet as Hale, The Bean Pot, and Zul's.

Charleston City Police Academy Alumni Association They had hotdogs, pork BBQ, tater tots, fried bologna and tea. I was pretty impressed with this hotdog, which was nicely grilled so there was a good snap on the outside, plus tons of toppings.

Maw's Country Fixins This place features skillet potatoes, steak hoagies, sauerkraut & kielbasa and sausage. I ordered skillet potatoes because I don't know if if I've ever actually seen that on a food truck menu. I mistakenly thought that these would be crispy, but they were very soft and had some peppers and cheese sauce. That cheese sauce seeped out of the container, making this meal a bit messy.

Hillbilly Mountain Ears Roasted corn, funnel cake and lemonade are the specialties here. I ordered a buttered corn on the cob. Sprinkled with garlic-parm, it was super tasty.

Kabab Lab I stopped by here a few times, but they weren't quite ready to serve kababs yet. So, I went with hummus, pita and baklava. Not bad; hopefully I can try the other options in the future.

The Bean Pot Beans, fried potatoes and kraut are the main stars here. But they did have additional items, including fried bologna. This was probably my favorite item from this visit. Brown mustard was a nice touch. Broccoli salad was nice for the hot day.

Sunnyside I had not heard of this food truck before, so I was most excited to try it out. I think I was a bit late for the breakfast options, so I went with the lunch option of a croissant with turkey, bacon and cheese. It would be perfect with a jam or sauce of some sort.

Sweet as Hale Feeze-dried candy - this time including taffy. Can't wait to see how the texture difference can change the flavor.

Sherry's Concessions I got a giant lemonade and two hot dogs.

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