Mountain State Art & Craft Fair 2024

By Candace Nelson - 9:13 PM

The Mountain State Art & Craft Fair is a wonderful multiday festival near Ripley that showcases artisans, trades, food and more. Here are some of the food-related vendors who participated:

Angie's What's Poppin' Shop, The Boba Bus, DARN Good Candies, Ellison's Mountain Heritage Nursery, Fruits De La Rose / Oldham Sugarworks, Hill & Holler Herbal Company, Howe Sweet It Is, Legacy Foods, Mountain Top Fudge Factory, Mrs. Mel's LLC, Nana's Kitchen, The Noshery, Ronk Family Maple Syrup, Sassy Gals Gourmet Treats, Stone Road Vineyards, Sugar Bottom Farm, The Sweeter Side of the Feud Winery, The Twisted Sister and Uncle Bunk's LLC.

Definitely want to check out the teriyaki flavor.

They served Pepperoni & Cheese Calzone, Everything Calzone, Steak Calzone, Soft drinks & Bottled Water. I ordered a pepperoni & cheese calzone and was fairly impressed. The dough was soft, the chunks of pepperoni inside were ample and cheese coated the interior. Greasy, but not overly.

They offef a dozen mini donuts; I went for just the plane. But I would have loved a vanilla or caramel dipping sauce. They were very soft and lightly sweet.

They have a variety of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Italian, Ham, Buffalo Chicken, Appalachian (with bacon jam), Chicken Bacon Ranch, Pepperoni Rolls with side of marinara dipping sauce. I went for the buffalo chicken, grilled cheese cheese. there were nice hunks of white meat, chicken, but I wish there was more buffalo sauce and oozy, cheesy cheese.

Shaved ice is always nice on 90° day.

Smoothies, Bagels (bacon, sausage/egg), Chicken/ Tuna Salad Sandwich, Cupcake/Brownies, Pepperoni Rolls. I got a tres leches cake. It was a nice dessert, but it was not nearly as moist as I would like a tres leches.

Fresh squeezed lemonade and lemonade with assorted flavors. The lemonade was more on the tart side, but the giant container kept me hydrated for the day.

Jaws pulled pork sandwich, Jaws pulled pork dinner, Jaws pulled pork Nacho deluxe, Jaws Hog Hides, Unks Lemon Shake-ups, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Jaws Noodles. I enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich, which was already soft up and tossed with slaw. I liked that it was already perfectly moist and flavorful with that sauce.

STACI'S SALES LLC (Monie's Sweet Things)
Cotton candy, Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, Popcorn, Caramel Corn & Flavored Popcorn, Soft drinks, Slushies. All the classic fair foods I got a bag of cotton candy to take home because it's a you don't get many places. It was interesting to me that the middle flavor was banana; that's not something I recall.

Bloomin Onions, Polish & Italian Sausages, Philly Chicken, Philly Steak, Corn Dogs, Fries, Funnel Cakes, Lemonade, Sweet Tea. This place had by far the longest line, so I wanted to get something quick and simple. I got a corndog, which says fair to me because you don't often get them elsewhere. I like that they seemed freshly made based on texture.

Pear Syrup, Pear Jelly, Marionberry Syrup, Red Fruit Syrup, Red Fruits Jam, Blue Damson Plum Syrup, Blackberry Syrup. They had lots of delicious looking jams, jellies and apple butter.

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