Wellsburg Edition: Spicy Gringo's

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Spicy GringosSpicy GringosWhen I first heard of "Spicy Gringo's," I thought to myself ... isn't that a derogatory term? I thought "gringo" was something Spanish-speaking folks called non-Spanish-speaking folks in a disparaging way. But what do I know.

This new-ish place is located in downtown Wellsburg in the location of a previous restaurant. It's the only Mexican place in Wellsburg - as far as I know - so my mother has to be happy. (My dad and I love Asian food, but my mom tends to go toward Mexican. Two against one. We won a lot.)

Spicy GringosSpicy Gringos

Walking in, we were immediately greeted. The gentleman waiting on us was lovely. After some conversation, I went ahead and ordered the chicken quesadilla. We started with some chips and salsa. The chips were pretty thick - I dig that.

Spicy GringosMy quesadilla was fairly average. Kinda boring, really, but I like chicken and I love cheese, so how bad can it be? I did ask for some sauces (do this!), and they brought out a trio ranging from not too spicy to very spicy. I actually really enjoyed the green one. It really added a punch of flavor to my quesadilla.

Spicy GringosSpicy GringosAfter the quesadilla, we ordered dessert. They have "chimmies," which are fried candy bars. Good god. I had a Snickers one. It was so good - melty chocolate and caramel, but then I found a toothpick. I'm assuming they use those to fry them. But it was OK. It didn't affect me too much, and it was still good.

Spicy GringosOur waiter took away our plates and actually saw the toothpick, apologized profusely, and took that off my check. Wow. I don't think service gets much better than that.

Spicy GringosNot super mind-blowing Mexican food, but basic, simple and with some good sauces. And awesome people. Oh, and for SUPER cheap.

Grade: B
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