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By Candace Nelson - 9:51 AM

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Every time I travel somewhere, I want to find the most iconic places to try. What is this place known for? What has been around forever? What do the locals order? When people ask "Oh, you went to XXX, did you order the XXX?" I want to say yes!

So, I figured I could try my hand at a little handy guide for folks visiting Morgantown. Only in town for the weekend and want to check out the must-try places? Maybe not necessarily my favorite - but the ones Morgantown is known for?

You're in the right place.

1. Black Bear Burritos - burrito + queso.
Black Bear is probably one of the most identifying restaurants in Morgantown. Started by a couple of alums, this place isn't your typical Mexican burrito. Instead, they have a ton of ethnic, creative burritos - and weekly specials. Try any burrito, but you must get a side of queso. Plus lots of local beer. If you want the real feel, go to the downtown location.

2. Mario's Fishbowl - wings.
Fishbowl is a townie haven. The original location is covered in notes and paper from visitors throughout the years. Uncontested best wings in town.

3. Mountain State Brewing Company - Fire on the Mountain flatbread + beer.
One of two brewpubs in town, and they're known for fun, creative pizzas - or "flatbreads." The Fire on the Mountain is a bit spicy - but good. Check out their weekly special, too.

4. Tailpipes - burger + maple bacon shake.
Tailpipes has some crazy burger combinations, but always comes through. They also have some interesting shake combos. Grab any fun burger & try that crazy sweet, salty shake.

5. The Grind - coffee/latte.
Morgantown's premier coffee shop. Plus they have some tasty sandwiches and other goodies. If you want a place that will show you some cool latte art, check them out.

6. Puglioni's - bread.
Puglioni's has some amazing dishes - my favorite amongst them being the pasta carbonara. But everyone knows their bread. It's warm and buttery and mm.

7. Pizza Al's - pizza.
Best pizza in town. Hands down.

8. Ogawa - Love Roll.
Ogawa is known for this roll. Not my absolute favorite, but it's not bad either. Tuna, salmon, asparagus, avocado, masago and topped with crab, mayo and spicy sauce.

9. Gene's - hotdogs.
It's a fav. Try a hotdog, get a beer and listen to a good band.

10. Oliverio's Ristorante - Angel Hair Crab Balls.
They sound a little crazy, but they're a town specialty. Fried pasta with crab and a tangy sauce. So good.

11. Morgantown Brewing Company - beer.
The only brewpub currently that brews here. Getchu one. Or three.

12. Atomic Grill - fried green tomatoes. pulled pork.
The newest addition to the Morgantown food scene, but now the go-to BBQ place. Try the fried green tomatoes. And definitely get some BBQ.

Like I said, these aren't all necessarily my favorite dishes (if you want those, click here), but they are quintessential Morgantown.

Has anybody tried all of these? Or any of these on your to-try list? What have I missed!

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