Washington, PA Edition: Al an' Rubens

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Al an' Rubins
After attending a church service (I know) in Washington, Pa., my family and I were starved. I always look for the best restaurant in the area, and I was surprised to see "Al an' Rubens" toward the top of the list. I pass by this place every time I head home and always assumed it was a bar. You know what they say about people who assume...

Al an' RubinsAl an' Rubins

It's not. It's a decent Italian place, actually. We walked in and saw all the staff sitting to the right - either they just opened or weren't very busy. I felt everyone's eyes on me as a waitress led us to our table.

I looked over the menu as our waitress brought us drinks. I asked if they had just opened, and she said no, so I was concerned why we were the only patrons in the restaurant. Luckily, it filled in pretty quickly as it got a little later and into "dinner time" territory.

Al an' RubinsWe were brought bread and butter, and the butter was a different kind blended with some seasonings. Not bad.

I ordered their Tortellini Al Fonze, which had sautéed spinach, bacon and mushrooms in a garlic parmesan cream sauce tossed with cheese tortellini.

But first, a salad. Actually, a pretty decent salad with a pepper, some tomatoes, olives and mixed greens.

Al an' Rubins

My entree was pretty good. It was $18, but that seems on par with meals in Morgantown. Tortellini was tasty, cheese sauce was on point, and I love the bacon and spinach. I mean, this is really kind of a dish made for me. Creamy and cheesey and amazing. Love this.

Al an' Rubins

The service could be a tad bit more professional and polished (how odd to have servers standing around and watching you while you eat), the prices could be a little lower for the area, and the outside could be a bit more inviting -- but overall, decent food.

Grade: A
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