Morgantown Edition: Kkochi

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

KkochiWhen I'm bored, I'll sometimes browse the #Morgantown hashtag on Instagram to see what cool photos of my town folks are capturing. While on there, I discovered Kkochi. After some more digging, I discovered the Facebook page and found out they are delivery only. A few days later, I put in an order with some coworkers.

Kkochi sells two main items: kkochi and kimbap. Kkochi is Korean-style grilled kebabs with Korean BBQ sauce. Kimbap is a Korean-style sushi roll, but everything is cooked (no raw). You can check out her Facebook album for photos of all her offerings. Kkochi offerings include beef, pork, spicy pork, chicken, spicy chicken, shrimp, spicy shrimp, and vegetarian. The kkochi includes two skewers of the meat, plus green onion, onion and sauce - either BBQ or spicy. Plus rice and kimchi.

KkochiI ordered the beef kkochi, because I wanted to see what the regular BBQ sauce was like. This was by far the best part of my meal. It was fairly small, though, just two skewers at $13 is a little pricey. But super tasty. Tender beef and a delicious sweet BBQ sauce with some sesame seeds on top. Kimchi was good and spicy.

A friend had the spicy chicken, and I tried it. Not as crazy about the spicy ones as the regular sauce ones. Spicy seems like a mixture of Sriracha.


The kimbap seems like something I'd love because I'm crazy about sushi. She has regular (seaweed paper, rice, crabstick, fishcake, pickled radish, egg, cucumber and comes with pickled radish), cheese, kimchi (with Korean bulgogi sauce), beef bulgogi (with Korean bulgogi sauce), chicken bulgogi (with Korean bulgogi sauce), turkey (turkey bacon), tuna (tuna salad), ham, vegetarian, tofu, veggie meat, and mushroom.

KkochiI love bulgogi, so I went with the beef bulgogi one. It comes with everything on the regular one, but with the beef and sauce. It was pretty tasty, but it was just too dry without the sauce. It really needs that Korean BBQ sauce to give it some more flavor -- just like how sushi has the soy sauce with it. I really think with that extra sauce, these would be awesome.

Lucy, the owner, even threw in some extras for us - kimchi kimbap and ham kimbap. She said the ham has been selling well. Both were not bad. Again, wish I had some of that extra sauce, though.

If you're interested, they're delivery only currently and are delivering in the downtown WVU area. She said they took card but had some trouble when we tried, so I ended up writing a check. But give her a call at 304-881-9653 or shoot her a Facbeook message.

Grade: B
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