Morgantown Growler Tour

By Candace Nelson - 1:37 PM

A growler is a jug that allows folks to transport beer from a brewery to home. Yes, you can buy cans of whatever domestic beer you want in a store, but what about that awesome craft beer that isn't bottled? A growler allows you to take home a half-gallon of beer.

They're filled straight from the tap, sealed with a cap, and the ones in Morgantown cost around $15-$20. That includes buying the actual container, and when you bring it back to get it refilled - depending on the type of beer you want - it's generally cheaper. They'll keep in the fridge for about 7-10 days or 2-3 once opened.

Right now, in Morgantown, there are four* places to purchase growlers:


Morgantown Brewing Company is the only brewpub in town right now that actually brews their beer here, so it's perfect for a growler. My favorite is their Kettle Bottom Brown.


Mountain State Brewing Company is the other brewpub in Morgantown - though they don't actually brew in town. They brew at their Thomas, W.Va., location. Still great brewpub with my fav. there - the Almost Heaven Amber Ale.


The third place that sells growlers is Black Bear. They don't brew their own beer, but they have a lot of local beers on tap, so it's a pretty cool option if you want, say, Chestnut Brew Works. Hopefully that's actually not the case for much longer, as Chestnut will be opening a taproom in South Park soon.

**Since this post, Chestnut Brew Works has opened their taproom, and they DO offer growlers. You know I got one.

Any others in town?

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