Morgantown Edition: Holy Smoke BBQ & Grilling

By Candace Nelson - 12:26 PM

Holy SmokeA friend tweeted about Holy Smoke BBQ recently, and I marked it down on my calendar for the next available time. They seem to just be doing a few days a week for now - possibly to test out the market. Right now it seems to be Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until they're sold out - which has been about 1 p.m. They do take cash and credit cards.

It seems to have a religious affiliation - hence the "holy" smoke portion. They're operating out of the Colombo Law offices parking lot near Triple S Harley Davison/the new Dairy Queen/Little Caesars/Tim Hortons/Star City Exit/Toward Milan Park. You know.

Holy Smoke BBQParking is a bit haphazard, so I just swung in the first open spot and walked up to the tent. There's some signage around a a handful of folks in blue shirts, so it's not hard to spot.

They have three kinds of meat: brisket, pulled pork and ribs. I went for two meats ($13) with pulled pork and brisket. And a side of macaroni and cheese. Because duh. My total came to $15 - little pricey. I heard someone else comment on the price and the man operating the grill said "cheap food isn't good and good food isn't cheap." I can dig that. Better be good.

Side note: One of the kids who was packaging my meal made it rain with my slices of white bread.

I took it back to the office and opened it up. My first through was that the white bread seemed out of place. If I were using it as a side, why not have a roll? If I wanted to make it a sandwich, why not a bun?

The brisket was smokey and had a thick fat cap on it. Cook with the fat cap by all means. But if it's not cooked long enough or not removed, all my BBQ sauce and seasoning is on top of that slab of fat. And I'm not trying to eat that. The meat, itself, was good - both brisket and pulled pork.

Holy Smoke BBQThe BBQ sauce was more vinegar-based and tangy - Carolina-style. Not my favorite, but not bad.

The macaroni and cheese was tasty. I wish I had the chance to eat it fresh, as it got a little cold. But it was also goof.

TL;DR: Meat was flavorful. BBQ is vinegar-based = not my favorite, but good for what it is. Mac and cheese is always good.

Grade: B
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