Nitro Edition: Diehl's Family Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Diehl'sDiehl's is a place that I've heard about for a long time. It's had a secure place on my "to try" list for - I think - before I even moved to Charleston. It fell to the wayside after I moved back to Morgantown, but recently my editor at the magazine I freelance for asked me if I had heard of it. Of course, I responded. He then asked me to do a story on it. Perfect.


Diehl's embodies everything Nitro. It has photos and memorabilia from local heroes and athletes hung on the walls. Cap guns, pieces of history and others decorate each wall here. It feels like home. But I'll save that for my article.

Diehl'sI ordered the roast beef and gravy. It came with two sides - I went with mashed potatoes and sage dressing. Plus rolls. Keith Diehl, and his son Aaron, brought us out some cole slaw and green beans, too. Nice fellows.

Diehl'sThis isn't my typical dish, but when in Rome. The roast beef was killer. Super tender and moist and flavorful with the gravy. The sage - IS FRIED STUFFING. I MEAN. C'MON. So tasty. And mashed potatoes - homemade and thick and creamy.

Diehl'sIf you want to get a good feel for this area in terms of the culture and history, while also getting a full belly of homecooked food, look no further.

Diehl'sOh god. And graham cracker pie. It was like this pudding, with graham cracker, whipped cream. So good. I can't wait to try go again.

Grade: A

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