Morgantown Edition: Fusion

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Fusion at Lakeview ResortFusion at Lakeview Resort

While I've pretty much nixed any chain hotel restaurants, the locally owned places are still a go. I've been to The Montmartre in Hotel Morgan, the Regatta Bar & Grille in the Waterfront Place Hotel, Legends Sports Bar & Grill at Lakeview, and so it was time for Fusion at Lakeview.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortThere's not really a lot of information about Fusion. I always believed it was the fine, sit-down dining establishment at Lakeview (and Legends was the sports bar counterpart). But, instead, it's a buffet.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortThey're open Monday through Friday from 6:30-10 a.m., and 6:30 -11 a.m. on Saturday for their hot breakfast buffet. They're open Friday and Saturday from 5-10 p.m. for dinner. Dinner is their prime rib buffet. Plus other American cuisine offerings.

We walked in on Saturday night and were greeted with this menu: "Asian vegetable, field green salad with toppings, Asian blend, jasmine rice, General Tso's chicken, miso cod, 'A Touch of Italy Pasta Station,' slow roasted pepper coated prime rib." That sounded OK, so we went with it.

There's no price to be found anywhere - so we asked. $25. Alright.

So the first portion was just salad toppings - and not very many. I skipped by that since it wasn't too exciting. There was the General Tso's pan, but there was hardly any sauce, and the noodles were not pan-fried - they looked boiled. Which was odd. It was like they were trying to be lo mein, but just looked like spaghetti.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortThe coconut shrimp was pretty soggy. Yep.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortThe stations were the best. I had a shrimp alfredo penne with mushrooms dish cooked up. It's nice that it was cooked to order, but it wasn't really flavorful.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortThe prime rib slice I was cut was decent, though. Ignoring the large chewy/fatty pieces, the actual meat was good. And the horseradish cream sauce that accompanied it was really good. The most standout part of the entire dinner, really.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortDessert was OK. Average. Though there were a few choices - a few pies and cakes.

Fusion at Lakeview ResortIt might be a good choice if you're sticking around at the hotel, but there are other options around town. Lakeview does host a bevy of cooking competitions, which are great, so I hope to go back soon for those.

Grade: C
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