Dunbar Edition: Karubees Jamaican Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

KarubeesIf you've driven along Lee Street in Charleston, you've likely seen the sign announcing a new Jamaican restaurant coming

KarubeesWell, that new Jamaican restaurant is here - it's just in Dunbar now.

KarubeesKarubees Jamaican Restaurant has found a new home just outside of Charleston and is slinging oxtail, curry, jerk chicken and more - all sorts of Jamaican treats.

KarubeesThe dining space isn't huge - and is a little warm - but I went with carryout.

KarubeesThey are still new, so the full menu isn't up and running yet. But on the day I visited they had oxtail, curry chicken & goat, brown stew chicken, and jerk chicken. Plus a grape soda.

KarubeesI went with the jerk chicken with sides of rice & peas and plantains.

KarubeesAnd while I waited for that to be prepared, I also purchased a "Bun & Cheese." This is something I hadn't heard of, but it's like a celebratory treat in Jamaica. It's kind of like a raisin bread with a soft cheese in the middle. Interesting.

KarubeesAnd once my entree was finished, I went home and dug in. Definitely some heat, plus sweetness from plantains. And a tasty meal.


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