Williamstown Edition: Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Dutch Pantry

The Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant is located in Williamstown.

Dutch PantryFeaturing Dutch dishes, this restaurant also is home to a gift shop area.

Dutch Pantry
I was passing through the area and starving, so I popped in for breakfast.

Dutch PantryThe menu features staples like omelettes, platters, french toast and more.

Dutch PantryI went with blueberry pancakes which come with a side of bacon, sausage, kielbasa or scrapple.

Dutch PantryI have to say - this is the first time I've seen scrapple in West Virginia.

Dutch Pantry
Scrapple is "scraps of pork or other meat stewed with cornmeal and shaped into loaves for slicing and frying, especially characteristic of eastern Pennsylvania."

Dutch PantrySo, of course I had to go with that.

Dutch PantryFirst, sweet pancakes doused in syrup.

Dutch PantryThen the salty scrapple to go with.

Dutch PantryAnd some more shots of the shop that has a little bit of everything!

Dutch PantryHave you been here before?

Dutch PantryYou can even get whole pies to take home.

Dutch Pantry

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