Girls Night Out 2019

By Candace Nelson - 7:22 PM

GNOGirls Night Out is a fundraiser for the YWCA to help eliminated domestic violence.

GNOIt's a great cause that brings together tons of women in the community to party.

GNOThey rented out the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center in a few different spaces, so the event was spread out.

GNOThere was an outdoor space, as well as a n auction space, a VIP area and the main area.

GNOThe VIP area had its own drink area and some appetizers: coconut chicken, crab dip, samosas, shrimp cocktail.

GNOThen out in the main area, they had those, as well as tons of food from local restaurants! There was Baskin Robbins with ice cream, and Stella's with gelato (I went with cookies & cream).

GNOBricks and Barrels - They had a ton of stuff, include a bruschetta, caprese shooter and meatball.

GNOBridge Road Bistro - shrimp

GNOEdgewood Country Club - philly cheesesteak eggroll

GNOEdible Arrangements - chocolate covered goodies

GNOMountain Pie - pepperoni rolls

GNOCold Spot - wings

GNOChop House - lobster bisque

GNOTidewater Grill - shrimp

GNOIchiban - Almost Heaven maki


Nosh - tacos & flatbread

Did you got this year?

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