Lawrence, KS Edition: Munchers Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Munchers Bakery

If there's one thing I've learned in Lawrence, it's that they love them some cream cheese.

Munchers BakeryThey put it on pizza, and they're a big fan of it on donuts, too.

Munchers Bakery

Cream Cheese Doughnuts at Munchers Bakery
925 S. Iowa St., Suite M
This one-of-a-kind pastry — imagine a jelly doughnut crossed with a cream cheese Danish — has had about 35 years to build up its die-hard following. “It just kinda goes with the place,” Munchers owner Mike Tennyson Sr. said of the famous doughnut he’s made from scratch for 25 years, after inheriting the recipe from the bakery’s previous owners. “People throw a fit when we’re out.”
Its dough is the old-fashioned kind: toothy and golden brown. The not-too-sweet filling tastes like real cream cheese, not weird gelatinous mystery goo. If you are one of the many Lawrencians who agree there’s nothing better than a Munchers Cream Cheese Doughnut (the landslide reader favorite for this list), try the strawberry version they just started making. Mind = blown.
Munchers BakerySo we made our way to Munchers Bakery after dinner in search of the coveted cream cheese doughnut.

Munchers BakeryUnfortunately, they were out. So I tried what I thought might be the next best thing: cream cheese danish.

Munchers BakeryBut they did have plenty of other donuts available, as well as cakes and other goodies.

Munchers BakerySo the danish had a cream cheese that actually tasted like cream cheese. Very tasty.

Munchers BakeryHave you been?
Munchers Bakery

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