10th Annual Bean Stringing for Manna Meal

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

String Beans

Have you ever strung green beans?

String BeansI did a long time ago with my neighbor, at her kitchen table.

String BeansWhat you do is snap one end off, take the string down the side with it. Then snap the other end, taking the string with it. Then snap it in half.

String BeansI was excited to participate in this year's event to help support Manna Meal.

String BeansThey serve two meals a day, every day of the year to folks who need it. This event helps collect hundreds of pounds of beans, which are frozen and then used to feed folks all year round.

String BeansAnd, the Capitol Market was sharing fresh, local peaches with honey. It doesn't get any better.

String Beans

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