Thursday, August 22, 2019

Fayetteville Edition: New River Curry House

New River Curry House

New River Curry House is Fayetteville's newest restaurant.

New River Curry HouseFeaturing Indian dishes from the Punjab region of India, near the border with Pakistan, the restaurant has a modern-meets-rustic vibe.

New River Curry HouseThink wooden accents and potted greenery.

New River Curry HouseI looked over the menu, and I wanted to try everything.

New River Curry HouseBut I started with an order of Samosas - and I got sides of Tamarind chutney and Raita chutney. One was a sweeter chutney, and the other was close to a tzatziki.

New River Curry HouseAnd then paneer pakora - which is cheese and chickpea.

New River Curry HouseAnd take a look at this cool drink I had to wash it all down with: Basil Seed - pineapple flavor. It has these little gummy-ish seeds inside. Very unique.

New River Curry HouseFor my entree, I went with chicken tikka masala, which is savory, yet a bit creamy.

New River Curry House
And for my side, I went with the potato pave - it's a crispy potato cake.

New River Curry House

Bill went for a pork belly, which also look delish.

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