Capitol Market Mixer

By Candace Nelson - 6:00 PM

Capitol Market Mixer

The Capitol Market is a cornerstone of the Charleston community. And what many people don't realize is that it's a nonprofit.

Capitol Market MixerIt's a nonprofit in which I proudly serve on the board. So when I was informed of the upcoming signature fundraiser of the year, I was happy to purchase a ticket, seek sponsors and bug all my friends to come, too.

Capitol Market MixerThe Market Mixer is an amazing event that showcases all the vendors, has lots of free goodies and unlimited food and drink. What more could you ask for?!

Capitol Market Mixer

Try to imagine Charleston without Capitol Market. No locally grown flowers in the spring, produce in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, or fresh cut pine trees in the winter. No bustling year-round social hub offering many unique dining options for lunch, hand crafted chocolates, fresh cut meat and seafood, an Italian restaurant and many other items made right here in West Virginia. 
The reason Capitol Market is here today is because of people like you. Your patronage and generosity over the last 20 years has made us a place everyone in the Kanawha Valley is proud of. But what most people don’t realize is as a non-profit , the Market also relies on donations from the community to thrive we are also working on being able to trade tax free. Instead of asking year-round, we cover most of our needs through one annual event: the Capitol Market Mixer.
Capitol Market Mixer
First, I checked in and received my amazing new Capitol Market cooler bag that I already can't wait to take shopping.

Capitol Market MixerFrom there, I made my way through the center of the market outside to take in all kinds of delicious samples from Chef Paul and students from the Carver Career and Technical Center.

Capitol Market MixerChef Paul was dishing out mini pepperoni rolls, spinach phyllo pastries, ham sandwiches, sausage crostinis and mini chicken & waffle cones.

Capitol Market MixerAnd there were probably a dozen or so students outside each with their own creation.

Capitol Market MixerSome of my favorites included a white bean soup, salmon cheesecake (above) and a beet cake.

Capitol Market MixerSeriously, I liked the beet cake more than chocolate cake.

Capitol Market MixerAlso, there were these little phyllo cups of goodness.

Capitol Market MixerAnd a berry creme brulee.

Capitol Market MixerAnd a pear cracker creation.

Capitol Market MixerAnd an autumn-themed cupcake. And folks, that's just what was outside.

Capitol Market MixerSo, I made my way inside the building to stop at all the vendors. The Purple Onion had some crackers out to sample.

Capitol Market MixerSushi Garden had a bunch of different kinds of sushi rolls - I tried one with mango!

Capitol Market MixerAt the wine shop, you had a choice of prosecco or rose. I ended up going with rose because look how cute that bottle is!

Capitol Market MixerThe Fresh Seafood Co. had a couple seafood dips to try! And Holl's had these tasty s'more kits. How incredible cute.

Capitol Market MixerMea Cuppa was serving up tasty pumpkin coffee treats. Perfect for an October day. The Charleston CVB had homemade pepepperoni rolls.

Capitol Market MixerAnd just outside of Johnnie's Meat Market, Angelo's was serving up tastings of their sausage.

Capitol Market MixerJohnnie's had a few fun things going on: pens, calendars, pulled pork sliders, and homemade no-bake cookies.

Capitol Market MixerPlus, a fun "Name that Meat" contest.

Capitol Market MixerIt was an evening to remember. Did you make it this year?

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