Buckhannon Edition: The Donut Shop

By Candace Nelson - 2:30 PM


I visited The Donut Shop in Buckhannon to learn about pepperoni rolls (you'll be seeing that a lot from some of my blog posts), and I had to try some of the donuts, too.


The manager told me they have around 40-50 donuts. YUM. They're open 24 hours and have a small dining area inside.


They serve pepperoni rolls with ground pepperoni. Yummy! It's a roll with ground pepperoni right inside, so there are little bits everywhere.

Donut Shop

I got a strawberry shortcake donut, which was delicious with strawberry and cream filling. I also got a peanut butter angel, I think it was. It was so good! Peanut butter and cream. Good lord. Do yourself a favor and just get a dozen to go - along with a pepperoni roll.

Donut Shop

Grade: A
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