Morgantown Edition: Sabraton Station

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sabraton Station

The former Archie's in Sabraton has become Sabraton Station, but it still features the same type of fare with sandwiches, wings and plated dinners in a bar & grill space.

Sabraton Station

The building is actually quite big with a wraparound bar, a dozen or so high-tops and a stage/booth area, plus a whole upstairs. It's a lot.

Sabraton StationFor my order, I went with a buffalo chicken wrap. Nothing too crazy, but I was also trying not to eat something super fried. Except I then got a side of the brew french fries, which are like deep-fried because they're a house specialty.

The wrap wasn't bad - pretty average. Some of the distribution of items was a little off, so I'd get a full bite of tortilla or a full bite of lettuce. I also don't love the lettuce in the wrap because it gets hot and soggy. It's cut too thin to hold up and ends up getting mushy.

But the chicken was good, and the flavor was that of just a mild buffalo sauce - not too spicy.

The fries had a nice little battered crunch to them. They're thick and definitely pack more than enough calories.

I think on the next visit, I wanna try the wings!

Sabraton Station

Grade: C
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