Norton Edition: Bob's Hotdogs

By Candace Nelson - 11:00 AM

Bob's HotdogsAs we were coming back from Buckhannon, my friend Kayla mentioned there was this great hotdog place along the route we were traveling home. It is near Belington and has more than 250 hotdogs. What? 250 hotdogs? How?

Bob's Hotdogs

Bob's HotdogsThe three of us made a quick detour to Norton to Bob's Hotdogs. It's right off the exit and just off the road. The hotdog shack has boards all around the building boasting the various hotdogs, as well as breakfast, burgers and fries.

Bob's HotdogsBob's HotdogsWe rolled up to the window, and I tried to "quickly" browse the menu. I was a little too excited.

Bob's HotdogsBob's HotdogsI went over to the counter to order a "Nurse," with mashed potatoes and cheese. I barely was able to get the words out of my mouth before the woman at the window said I can't have anything with mashed potatoes. Oh, OK. She then goes on to say they make everything from scratch each morning and when they run out, they run out. OK, got it, no problem. I'll order something else. But it was almost like she was offended I asked for mashed potatoes that late in the day (two hours before they close). Really, no problem, just let me find something else. So I asked if I can do macaroni and cheese with the "Rat," and she called back to the kitchen and they said yes. She continued to lecture me on how they make everything fresh each day. I think a simple "sorry, we're out of that" would have sufficed. I was just happy once I had my hotdog and headed home.

Bob's HotdogsWhen I opened the container, it just looked like a ton of macaroni and cheese dumped on top of a hotdog, maybe. There is a hotdog under there, promise. But the macaroni and cheese is less of a topping and more of just a couple cups thrown on top of a hotdog in a bun.

Bob's HotdogsThe macaroni and cheese itself is OK, and the hotdog/bun were OK, too. It probably didn't help that it steamed itself a bit on the container on the drive home. The macaroni was a little dry - a bit creamier would have been tastier, but also would've soaked the bun, probably. So that's a tradeoff. I also think it's funny to have that much macaroni and cheese, but I was really thinking it would be more fo a topping - instead of needing a knife and fork. I think the coolest thing about this place is the novelty that there are THIS many kinds of hotdogs they offer! Such a neat little find in West Virginia.

Grade: B
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