West Virginia Strawberry Festival

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

WV Strawberry FestivalWV Strawberry Festival

Buckhannon is the home of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival. I corralled a few friends to join me for the opening day and check out all the strawberry goodies.

WV Strawberry Festival

The festival, held annually in the third week of May, began in 1936 as a way to honor strawberry growers, as per their website. The festival gave strawberry growers a place to sell their berries and the first one was one-day long and eventually grew into a full week. The festival continues to honor the strawberry growers from across West Virginia with a strawberry auction on Friday afternoon of the festival week.

WV Strawberry Festival

Walking through the main streets, all the storefronts were covered in painted strawberries and strawberry artwork. Restaurants also had strawberry specials. I quickly learned that the very first day is not the most eventual, and other events begin throughout the week. They later opened a carnival, arts and crafts exhibits, quilt shows, photography shows and more.

WV Strawberry Festival

WV Strawberry FestivalThere were a few vendors along the Main Street dishing out some strawberry goodies (though no fresh strawberries) and some street side entertainers.

WV Strawberry Festival
A very cool festival - though I'll definitely go later in the week next time - and I was able to try a few new restaurants. Look for those soon :)

WV Strawberry Festival

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