Davis Edition: Bright Morning Inn

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Davis/ThomasA local bed and breakfast in Davis serves breakfast to the public. And when I saw Bright Morning Inn's menu, I knew that meant I was going to get to Davis early in the morning.

My day trip to the area started with a stop at Bright Morning Inn to get my fill of their French toast. I parked just across the street easily and walked inside. No one was readily available to seat me, so I found a little area with plenty of light (best for photos!) and made myself comfortable.

Davis/ThomasThe interior is clean, a bit dated, but in a sort of charming way. It was decorated for the holidays, which made it feel honey. It also overlooks the main street in Davis, so it was fun to people-watch.

The menu features lots of tasty items - pancakes, veggie specials, country breakfasts and more.

Davis/ThomasTheir French toast goes by the moniker "banana dream" and comes with potato bread coasted in cinnamon batter with a hint of banana liqueur and rolled in oats and topped with fresh, sliced banana. I also got an order of sausage - though they forgot that, and they came out halfway through my meal. Always gotta have the savory with the sweet.

Davis/ThomasThe French toast is extra filling. There are a bunch of triangles, but then the oats on top of it make for a pretty dense bite. I loved the fresh bananas, which add a nice smooth, fruity note to the heavily sugared dish. Not sure it's my favorite rendition of French toast, but that's a dish that's near and dear to my heart so I'm a bit critical of it. It was a solid take on it, and definitely a good option if you're extra hungry.

Davis/ThomasI struggled a bit with the service, if only because the woman who brought out my food was talking to another table as she sat mine down -- and didn't bother to ask if it looked OK or if I needed anything, but continued her conversation past me to the next table and walked back to them. If I didn't need anything, it wouldn't have been a problem, but my missing sausage had to wait until another server came back around so I could flag her down and ask for it. I know this wasn't intentionally dismissive, but I sometimes find this common when dining alone. Whether it's because I won't have the largest bill or because I'm profiled as young & not a good tipper, it's just a tad frustrating. She seemed sweet, otherwise.

Davis/ThomasBut my server was actually quite apologetic and very kind, and my meal was good. Just a minor blip in an otherwise lovely dining experience. If you happen to find yourself in the area between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., I encourage you to check it out, get something warm in your belly and enjoy this local gem.

Davis/ThomasGrade: B
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