Pubstomper Brewing Co.

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

PubstomperPubstomper Brewing Company is a little different from other breweries in West Virginia. There isn't a physical location we can visit to get samples or growler fills, and it is using Morgantown Brewing Company's production brewery in Westover to produce its beer.

Pubstomper Brewing Company will be having its beers brewed in a cooperative arrangement with Morgantown Brewing Company’s production brewery in Westover. Co-owners Cody Cheesebrough and Christopher DeFazio plan to start with a hoppy pale ale, which they will have distributed around the state by the Eagle wholesale network. They will soon be adding an Amber, a Porter, and a White Ale. Everything will be exclusively packaged in canned six-packs. They currently do not have plans to offer a tasting room or brewpub. (Brilliant Stream)

I first heard about Pubstomper when I did a story on how WVU is promoting the craft beer tourism industry, and the founders of this brewery are alums. At that point, they were more focused on the software and being a production brewery, rather than having a tasting room or brewpub.
Love of craft brewing is what motivated WVU computer science major Chris DeFazio and mechanical engineering alum Cody Cheesebrough to create Pubstomper Brewing Co., a craft beer manufacturer and distributor that received a $10,000 investment from the West Virginia Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition last year. The concept contains brewing software that would allow anyone from a small craft brewer to a large-scale craft brewery to keep track of ingredient inventory, recipes, distribution and delivery processes and even allows brewers to automate the brewing process itself. This duo’s engineering backgrounds helped in the development of this software, which it plans to license, and will help bring a transparency to brewing that will show where ingredients are sourced from and how far along the process is, among other benefits. And, that’s just one part. “Our software is one small piece of our greater business, which at its core is really about creating a large production-style brewery in Morgantown and expanding it nationally – creating a nationally recognizable brand for high-gravity craft beer from West Virginia,” DeFazio said. The combination of software and brewery helps set this business apart from the others, DeFazio said. That, and its ability to expand. “We’re trying to create a much more scalable brand; we want to focus on the distribution and production. We don’t want a brewpub, which most craft breweries have. For us, we are interested in getting out there more and becoming a nationally recognized brand,” he said.
PubstomperSo, I saw Kroger had six-packs of pale ale available. It's about $12, and it's pretty tasty. Fairly light, bit hoppy. Not bad.
The Pubstomper Pale Ale is a dank, citrusy Imperial India Pale Ale brewed and canned in Morgantown, West Virginia. It features a combination of CTZ and Cascade hops over a backbone of crisp barley and white wheat. (Untappd)
PubstomperHave you tried it? What did you think?

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