Fast Food Roundup: Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, Denny's & More

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM



The much-awaited Popeyes has finally opened in town. Located along Earl L Core Road in Sabraton, Popeyes opened less than a week ago, and lines have been nonstop ever since.

PopeyesIt's "Louisiana-style" chicken, meaning it has a little bit of a kick to it. It's fine. I do like the Coke Freestyle machine.

Well, I think I liked the biscuit the best.


DennysAlso, a new Denny's also opened up in town. Not necessarily up my alley. But it's a thing. It's located toward the southern end of town near the I-68 Walmart plaza area.

DennysI ordered a salad, which may not be most representative of the kind of food they serve, but it was average. Nothing especially notable - though it did have potato stix, which I wasn't expecting.


Sheet Drive Thru

I know you're shocked we have a new Sheetz in town, but this one is a little different. It has a drive-thru!

Sheet Drive Thru

Also located near the I-68 Walmart, this Sheetz has the ability to order MTO from your car and pick it up from the window. I don't hate this idea when it's cold so you can keep warm in your car. I also learned the amazingness of their "boom boom sauce," which is a bit tangy and will now go atop everything I order from there.

Sheet Drive ThruBuffalo Wild Wings

There is also a new Buffalo Wild Wings that just opened in the new development near the Black Bears baseball stadium. I haven't been there - thus no photos. But, I'm sure you can imagine what it's like, too.

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